About Us

Adare Farm is located just outside the picturesque village of Adare in the golden vale of County Limerick. It is a family-run farm and has been since 1963 when the Relihans first moved here from Kerry. The company had its beginnings in 2006 as a means of adding value to our home grown produce and also of cutting out the middle man and selling our produce direct to the customer.

On our farm we keep a pedigree Friesian dairy herd that produce milk all year round and we also raise our own welfare friendly beef and pork. By starting with these raw materials we have developed a whole range of products including luxury ice creams and sorbets available to purchase as well as for wholesale and catering.

We have been roasting our own pigs since 2008 for markets, public events and private parties and it is proving quite a popular attraction and growing every year thanks to our ethos of providing high quality food along with a pleasurable dining experience not to be soon forgotten.

Our mission is to produce only the very best 100% natural dairy products. We believe that creating delicious, nutritionally superior products does not have to come at the expense of our environment, our cows or our own health. We believe in promoting sustainable, free range animal husbandry. We strive to always live in harmony with our environment which supports us all. Our family is committed to providing your family with the freshest, most nutritious, natural dairy products you can bring home. It is a fresh local product coming direct from our family farm in Adare to your table.


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